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Custom Embroidery Services

Our custom embroidery services are among the best in the apparel embroidery industry. Hot Cakes can create custom embroidered caps, golf polos, and t-shirts with your custom design or logo. Embroidered monograms and personalizations are a great way to customize t-shirts, polos, denim and dress shirts. Our staff can even embroider on screen printed t-shirts and polos.

We purchase t-shirts, polos, baseball caps, and tote bags in bulk so that we can offer discount embroidery services. Embroidery prices are calculated on a per stitch basis. We digitize your custom design or business logo to determine the embroidery stitch count. The stitch count indicates the amount of time required to embroider baseball caps, golf polos, and t shirts. The lower the stitch count, the lower the cost!

Setup (digitizing your logo into a file for embroidery machines) is a critical step. Not every digitizing service is equal. Send your logo to 10 different embroiderers and you will get 10 different logos as a result. There are many digitizers around who produce substandard results. Chances are, they charge lower prices, too. A free or cut-rate digitizing service is no bargain if you aren't happy with the result. Digitizing is absolutely critical to quality embroidery. It takes years of experience to produce the type of quality our customers have come to expect in the digitizing of their company logo. We guarantee your satisfaction with every aspect of our service.